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A Tale Of A Happy Pet Starts Here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are you bonded and insured?

A: Absolutely! We are fully bonded and insured, have liability insurance and workers compensation for our employees.

Q: Why do you send me an email to activate my account?

A: We use a software program that contains your pet's information and their schedules.

Q: What should I do with it once you send it to me?

A: Please complete the information asked for and add each of your pets information.

Q: What happens at the meet and greet?

A: We will come to your house to meet you and your furry friends. We will go over the details which you provided us and go over any extra information that is necessary to provide the best care for your pets!

Q: Why do you need 2 copies of keys?

A: We need one copy for the main sitter and another copy for the office. We need this in case of emergency (if a key get's lost, locked into a house, etc)

Q: Can we just give you the code to our garage or door?

A: No. We do not want to be stuck without a way to get in if a battery dies or there is a malfunction electronically.

Q: What is included in your pet sitting visits?

A: Our pet sitting visits are all inclusive of your pet's needs. As long as it fits into the service time. Feeding, medication, walks, play and LOTS of love are examples.

Q: What are your overnight services?

A: One of our employees will spend the night at your house with your pet/s (7 hours minimum). Great for dogs that need that extra company while you are gone, puppies, elderly dogs, cuddlers and pet's that like being in their own environment. Additional visits are added during the day depending on your pet's needs.

Q: How will we know how visits are going?

A: You will receive a note with pictures after each visit, unless you request not to have this. This will come to you via email.

Q: What time do you visit with pets?

A: For vacation visits we see our dogs early morning, afternoon, midday, evening and night (depending on what your dog needs). We have 2 hour time frames that we work around to schedule all our pets we are seeing for the day. Cats have a broader time frame, unless they have specific medical needs.

Q: What are your daily dog walks or visits like?

A: One of our amazing professional animal lovers will come visit your fur baby and take care of their needs while you are away for the day. We can walk dogs if you are home also! The dogs are so happy to have us there for a break from their day. We require dogs to be trained on the leash and not pull, especially if strong or large.

Q: Who are your employees?

A: They are animal lovers, have been extensively interviewed, background checked and reference checked.

Q: How do you know your employees are taking care of their visits?

A: Each of our professional employees are connected to our pet sitting App. They clock in and out at visits and have a GPS tracker on their phone in addition to sending visit reports at the end of each visit.