Once Upon a Dog Tail LLC​

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PET SITTING- In your home

Service Area:

Lancaster City,

Lancaster Township,

Manheim Township.

Landisvile, East Petersburg



Camp Services are run out of Lancaster Township or Lancaster City

1. Does your dog like other dogs? If, so this is GREAT!

2. Is your dog over 10 months old? We accept dogs over 10 months old due to growth development and maturity.

3. How are they with their recall? They do not have to be perfect, but having practice with this already is a plus.

4. Do they like car rides? This is part of the fun!

5. Do they need some excitement in their lives? That's what we are here for!

6. Could they use some exercise, both mind and body? We train them using relaxation techniques, classically conditioned recall and pack walking. The majority of the time they spend running, playing, sniffing and swimming.

7. Do they resource guard food or objects? Camp would not be the best fit for them.

8. Are they nervous about the world around them? Camp would not be the best fit for them.

Why an Adventure?

We believe in giving dogs the freedom that they need to play, hike and socialize with other canines, while learning rules to follow for safety and to have control of the pack. Dogs showcase their personalities when they are out in nature exploring and hanging out with their dog pals. If you want the best for your pooch, then sign up and see what everyone is barking about!


What happens at Dog Camp?

Beep beep! Camp Leader here, pulling up to pick you up doggy friends! Heading out in the custom pup mobile to some of our favorite Lancaster County locations where they get explore nature, practice good behavior, play with canine friends and exert all that energy they have pent up (on or off leash). Sound good? Keep reading to understand our process.

An evaluation will take place initially to determine if your dog is a good fit for Dog Camp. This includes a written form that you complete, a meeting at your house to meet your dog and discuss the details of your pup. Four test runs will be set up to determine if your dog graduates into Dog Camp fully. A trial run "out on the town" will be scheduled where your camp leader will introduce them to new things like riding in the pup mobile, exploring a park and getting to know them. The next ride will be the meeting of a fur friend to try out the "feels" of Dog Camp before fully getting in on the action. The following two trips will be integrating your dog in with seasoned Campers for the final evaluations. We will keep you informed by sending messages with pictures throughout the process.

Make sure your dog has their license! Pennsylvania State Law mandates that all dogs 3 months of age or older must be licensed. Go to: http://www.padoglicense.com to register online. It's quick and easy!

We require your dog to be fully vaccinated with:

DHLP-distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus


They also should be on monthly flea and tic medicine
They must have their registration tags on and also should have a harness that fits them.