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A Tale Of A Happy Pet Starts Here!


Once Upon a Dog Tail works as a Team while caring for your pets so we know we can always be there for you. Pet care is a 24/7, 365 day a year job and we like to make sure our team takes care of themselves so they can be at their best while working with your fur, feathered and/or scaled family members. Communication between the sitters, dog walkers and you is ongoing throughout our care with your fur friends. We are grateful for our appreciative clients and believe that giving you peace of mind while you are away is priceless. 

Meet our Team! 

Compassionate. Caring. Professional.

Cara Frantz


" I have always had a connection with animals. They are much more than pets to me. Animals are living beings with emotions who look to us for love and care. They have feelings and communicate with us. I think animals are amazing and I am so honored to be able to devote my life to caring for them. They bring more joy to my life then words can express. " - Cara

Whitney M.

Team Leader

Whitney joined the team in 2021. She has been such an incredible dog walker/pet sitter that she was promoted to help with the administration end. She pays attention to detail, reaches out when she has questions and will love up your animals like they are her own. You will enjoy her notes and pictures she sends! 



Pet Professional

"I was raised around animals growing up and spent my adulthood continuing my relationship with them. I believe all living creatures deserve our love and respect, and I am so happy to work with people who share those same values! My family and I share our home with three dogs and seven cats - all rescues." - Becky

Jenny J.

Communications Manager

"Spending time with furry friends is soul enriching! I can't think of many things that feel as great as knowing a dog/cat/pet is happy to see you! And, I don't take for granted the importance of providing clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing their fur baby is being loved when they can't be there themselves. (The kitty in this pic is my own - he was hissing at a dog passing by.)" -Jenny

Katie R.

Pet Professional

"Forming relationships with these beloved pets brings me such joy and satisfaction. Who doesn’t want to hang out with four-legged friends all day?" - Katie

Mary Ann

Pet Professional

"I feel so blessed to be able to go to a job where I can give back to pets! They are full of unconditional love and I look forward to building relationships with each and everyone of them!" - Mary Ann


Pet Professional

“I’m thankful to get to work with our furry friends everyday! I’ve always loved animals and am grateful to be able to have a job that incorporates that! I have three kitties myself that bring such joy to my life. I hope to meet more fluffy friends and help care for them!”-Emily


Pet Professional

"I've always had an appreciation for the dedication our pets put into loving us. They're always by your side giving, 100% of themselves just to let you know they're happy to be a part of your life. So, the very least I can do is try my best to return the favor!" -Matt


Pet Professional

"Growing up on a farmette, I have always been surrounded by animals-dogs, cats, chickens, bunnies, ducks… Interacting with and caring for pets has always been second nature to me. I understand how different and special each and every animal is, and it’s exciting to create a unique bond with each four-legged client we serve!" -Hope


Pet Professional

"I was a client of OUADT for many years before becoming a pet professional myself, so I know firsthand the joy of receiving midday pictures of your pups and knowing that they are well cared for and loved. I devote my spare time to volunteering with Charlie’s Crusaders Pet Rescue to help abandoned dogs from Mississippi find homes here in Lancaster and also serve as a foster home for the rescue. Over the last year I’ve fostered over 12 dogs and puppies! I like to unwind by visiting farmers markets, cooking spicy food, and reading fiction. I share my home with my son Evan, my best friend Ava - a 6 year old border collie/spaniel - and an elusive cat named Roc who only appears when he hears the automatic feeder." -Kristen


Pet Professional

“I have alway had a strong connection to animals, and caring for them is my passion in life. I love all types of animals, and there is no limit to my compassion for them. I am going to school to become a certified veterinary technician, because I want to make caring for animals my future career. I'm currently very grateful to have a job where I can work with animals and get some more hands-on experience. I have had many different types of pets throughout my childhood. In my household, we have a dog, 3 cats, and 3 birds.” -Aubrey


Pet Professional

(Coming Soon!)


Pet Professional

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